Easter Bunny Flower Arrangement
Easter Bunny Flower Arrangement

I came across this flower vase at our local grocery store, Reasor’s, and knew it would be perfect for an Easter bunny flower arrangement. They sold it in their seasonal gift area and it was only $16.99. It would make a perfect hostess gift for Easter – with or without flowers.

While I was there, I picked up some spring blooms. I am obsessed with mini calla lilies and their prices on them are amazing ($7 for 5) and, honestly, they make pretty perfect bunny ears.

Easter Bunny Flower Arrangement Supplies:

  • 3 green hydrangea blooms
  • 10 pink tulips
  • A bunch of pink spray roses
  • 5 mini calla lilies
  • Stems of pussy willow

Here’s a video below showing how I put this arrangement together:

Easter Bunny Arrangement DIY Video

As you can see in the video, I started by adding the hydrangeas to the container first. I put one spaced in between the bunny’s ears and the other two towards the back. I then filled in the arrangement with the spray roses, tulips and mini calla lilies.

To add more texture to the arrangement, I added the pussy willow stems. If you haven’t ever worked with them, they are so dreamy! I show one way to use them in the video – which is curved into the arrangement. This would be great to do with a larger rimmed container to mimic an Easter basket.

Shown in the picture is an easy to way to add them to your arrangement by just cutting the stems to different heights!

I have lots of other fun Easter designs. Check them all out here.

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Easter Bunny Flower Arrangement
Easter Bunny Flower Arrangement

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