DIY Purple Bridal Bouquet and Flower Crown

With wedding season upon us, I wanted to share a floral crown and mini-bouquet tutorial. I made these for my daughter for a saint day at school. (You can see how cute she was below!) 

DIY Bridal Bouquet

First, let’s talk about the bouquet. These are relatively simple to make. You just need floral tape and flowers! There’s a video below and you can see that I just take one flower and begin taping it to the another flower. You do that until you have a the desired shape and size of bouquet you want.

Bridal Bouquet Flowers

This one for my daughter was:

  • A dozen small purple roses
  • 8 stems of alstroemeria
  • 8 stems of cream spray roses

She loved it! It also made a great gift for her teacher after the presentation.

DIY Flower Crown

Now, the flower crown is a little more complicated. This would have been much, much easier if I used the real deal floral tape, but alas, I only had the hobby store version on hand and it isn’t nearly as good.

Basically, what you do is get floral wire and create the length you need for a crown then wrap it all with floral tape.  Next, take your flowers and insert about 4 inches of wire through the bottom of the blossom (the green part), push it half way through, then pull both ends down so that they are perpendicular with the stem.  Wrap it all with floral tape and then attach the wire to the “crown” with tape and repeat until the crown is finished.

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DIY Flower Crown and Bridal Bouquet Tutorial

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