Pumpkin Centerpiece

Modern Pumpkin Centerpiece

I am so excited to collaborate with my local blogging friend Samantha at Go French Yourself to create this modern pumpkin centerpiece. Sam had been inspired by this amazing DIY post on Glitter Guide and asked if I could help her recreate something similar.

As you all know, I love using local and grocery flowers for a centerpiece and Sam picked up both the pumpkins AND the flowers at Wholefoods Market. Aren’t they just incredible?

Pumpkin Flowers
Pumpkin Flowers
Pumpkin Flower Shopping List
  • These pumpkins from Wholefoods market were beyond beautiful. A little known tip is that they will cut a hole in it for you. The local florist, Nicole, also gave the tip that the pumpkins will last longer if you leave the “guts” inside, so we just added a plastic liner to the hole that they cut.
  • Greenery – here we used Dusty Miller, which is also a garden green.  If you can’t find it, a great substitute is seeded eucalyptus or lambs ear.
  • The large flower in the arrangement is just a large mum.
  • There are two different varieties of thistle in here – a blueish one (blue bell) and one with a pop of orange (cirsium).  Spray roses or small mums could be a substitute if your store doesn’t have something similar.
  • We also had kangaroo paw (the reddish flower around the top). It looks a lot like freesia to me, which is super fragrant.
  • The yellow Billy Balls add another element of texture and can easily be captured in a button mum.

Another tip is just to go for the colors and styles you like. Just grab your favorites and start arranging.

Here is a clip of how we put this together:

How to Make a Pumpkin Centerpiece

Pumpkin Art

1- Insert a plastic lining in the hole of your pumpkin and add water. (I like to use warm water as it encourages the water to rise into the petals.)

Pumpkin DIY

2- Add greenery to create a base.

DIY Floral Pumpkin

3- Start with your largest flower and work to your smallest arranging the at different heights to give some visual interest.  As you can see in the video above, I like to hold them up to the vessel to see how short I should cut them. I always recommend cutting them at a 45 degree angle to get as much water in them as possible.

This was a little outside of my normal aesthetic and I have to say, I LOVED it. It was so fun to do something different. I feel like Sam and I both pushed each other to learn something new and I can’t wait to collaborate with her again. Go check out her site. She has amazing recipes, DIYs and is just a really sweet person. All photo credit goes to her as well!

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