How to Make a CornucopiaThanksgiving Cornucopia

When I was brainstorming possible things to post on for your Thanksgiving centerpiece – how to make a cornucopia popped into my mind! (For obvious reasons – ha!)

This centerpiece is so incredibly easy to make and looks just beautiful on your Thanksgiving table!

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Shopping List

1- A cornucopia – I got mine at Hobby Lobby for about $10.

2- A brick of floral foam

3- Foil to line the bottom of your cornucopia

4- Fall leaves – you can use real or dried. These were dried from Michael’s.

5- Pumpkin Picks – you can pick these up at any craft store.

6- Fresh Fruit – I used cutie oranges and pomegranates.

7- 1/2 dozen roses, 3 stems of mums, seeded eucalyptus and 3 stems of orange lilies

Below is a video giving you a visual on how to put this together:

DIY Cornucopia

Before you begin, line the container with the foil and then insert the wet floral foam into the cornucopia basket.

The first step is to green the whole container with the leaves.

Next, add the pomegranate. I just take a bamboo grilling skewer and stick it through the flesh of the fruit. I cut it down to the desired length and then insert the skewer into the floral foam.

After that, begin filling in with your flowers.  I always go from largest to smallest.  so in this case, I stuck in the lilies, then roses, then the mums.

The next step is to fill in holes with the pumpkin picks and the oranges. I finished off with some eucalyptus berries. (I picked up all of my flowers at Trader Joe’s.)

The nice thing about working with foam is you can easily take out the stem and then reinsert it exactly where you like it!

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How to Make a Cornucopia


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