Pumpkin Pie Cheese Board

Pumpkin Pie Cheese Board
I saw the cutest cheese board from She Knows on Pinterest for these little cheese bites that look like our favorite Thanksgiving dessert. This “pumpkin pie” cheese board is sure to be a hit! I did make a few changes to their “recipe” to make them even easier…and because I am super picky and wanted some different ingredients.

They are super easy to make! (Obviously – I could do them – haaaaa!)

and also check the box for adorable miniature food items!

Here’s all the supplies you need:

1- Pita Crackers – I love the ones with more flavor.

2- Cheddar Chex Mix – for the back of the pie

3- Alouette cheese for the “whipped topping” – but cream cheese will work

4- Chicken in a Biscuit – for the wavy “crust”

5- Pre-sliced cheese. I used the Cracker Barrel brand, but you could just buy any thick pre-sliced cheese and use a pizza cutter or knife to cut into triangles.

Cheese Board Supplies

And here’s a quick tutorial of how to make them yourself!

They tasted just as good as they looked and were a huge hit at Thanksgiving!

(Also, omg, does anyone know how to pick the thumbnail of the video you insert from YouTube? I mean really. Look at my face!!! It looks like I am in pain. Dying!!! Haaaaa!)

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Thanksgiving Cheese Tray
Thanksgiving Cheese Tray


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