Drip Paint Canvas

Drip Painting

My mom has gotten into art after a visit to my artist aunt’s house. One of the techniques that my mom learned was drip painting – and y’all – it is so easy! I cannot do art to save my life and did the above for my room and it is so awesome. (If I do say so myself – ha!) It is also kid friendly…if you can handle a mess because it is messy.

If I can do this, I promise yours will turn out even better!

Drip Painting Supplies

Drip Paint Supplies

Here is what you absolutely need:

1- Canvas

2- Acrylic paint

3- Floetrol

4- Top of a lemon juicer/reamer

Here are extras we used (see pics below):

1- Plastic table cloth

2- Disposable Aluminum Baking Sheets

3- Disposable gloves

4- Solo Cups to hold up the canvas

5 – Bottles for the paint so you don’t have to remix it with floetrol each time

6- Plastic spoons

How to Make a Drip Painting

Here’s a short video on how to create it:

To start – mix floetrol with acrylic paint until it has a warm honey consistency. You need just a little bit of acrylic paint in the floetrol. I would say a 3 parts floetrol, 1 part paint mix. I would mix this up in a solo cup so that you can have easy access to it with a spoon.

For easier cleanup, put down a plastic cloth on the table and layer an aluminum pan on top. Place four cups on the pan to hold your canvas up to prevent paint from getting on your table.

Drip Painting
Drip Painting

To begin painting – put a lemon squeezer top (or bottom of a small coke bottle) on your canvas. Use 3-4 different colors of paint and pour them individually over the squeezer/top (see video above for technique). Continue that until you’ve layered it in to your desired amount. Move the apparatus to another area of the canvas so that you are able to get more coverage when you tilt it. Once you have enough, start tilting around for it to drip.

Drip Paint Side

Once you have it dripped all around the canvas, you will need to go around the sides of the canvas with paint. We just take the excess paint and use our gloved hands to make sure it is covered.

These are so fun to do for a girls’ night, with your kids and would even make a great gift.

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Drip Paint

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