Pencil Flowers

DIY TEacher Gifts

I love giving my kids’ teachers a special token of our appreciation and nothing says “love” like flowers. Below are five DIY teacher gifts made of flowers that are easy to create!

Pencil Vase

Teacher Flowers

I love this pencil vase because it seriously requires absolute NO skills to create it! The pencils are reusable and was my most popular design that I posted on Instagram last year!

Supplies needed:

  • Bud Vase (I got mine at the $1 store)
  • 25 pencils (I got these at Hobby Lobby) Colored pencils would also be cute!
  • A clear rubber band (I used these – my daughter’s pony tail holders)
  • Ribbon, if desired
  • 9 roses

I have a video below of how I put this together:

You just simply put the rubber band around the vase and start inserting the pencils one by one.  Then arrange the roses in your hand, cut and put them in the vase and add a ribbon for a super cute gift!

Teacher Flowers Pencil

Pencil Vase

Around back-to-school time, Target came out with a line of vases.  This is one of them and it looks just darling with a bunch of daisies in it. I just trimmed them to the size of the vase and put them in!

Teacher Bouquet

Notebook Paper flowers

This is another vase that I picked up at Target in the $1 spot. This was a $4 arrangement from Trader Joe’s that I just snipped and put in here. The really fun part is that you can add a custom note to your teacher by adding a pencil, slitting the eraser and inserting the card in the hole and then putting the pencil in your container for a really cute presentation!

Teacher Flowers Sharpies

Sharpie Flower Arrangement

I know many teachers have a huge need for supplies for their classrooms, so I created this arrangement as a way to give them a usable gift after the flowers fade.

Supplies needed:

I did this two ways, where I also used Dry Erase markers, but the flowers and concept work great for both!

Teacher Flowers

Here’s a video of how I put this together:

You actually put this together exactly like the pencil vase above, only you use a larger jar and a normal rubber band will work. I just picked up a pre-done bouquet in bright colors from Trader Joe’s and it turned out great!

Feel free to comment with any questions you have!

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DIY Teacher Flowers

6 thoughts on “DIY Teacher Gifts”

  1. These ideas are adorable for Back-to-School gifts for the new teacher, for Teacher Appreciation, and for End-of-Year gifts – or anytime you just want to thank a teacher for all that she does for children. I’ll bet that your children’s teachers love you!! Love, Aunt Angie

    1. Aw! Thanks! I am so glad they are teacher approved! I love that some of them do double duty as a supply for the classroom after the flowers fade!

    1. Thank you! These were my very favorites last year! I am now working on some for this school year!

    1. Aw! Thanks so much for visiting! These are so easy to put together! Let me know if you have any questions! Xo! Katie

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