Flip Flop Cookies

Flip Flop Cookies

Since we are in the heat of summer, I wanted to share a super easy treat that is perfect for any summer or pool party – DIY flip flop cookies! I have seen these before with Nutter Butters, but thought Milanos would be better for a party in case one of the guests had a nut allergy!

To create these, all you need are:

1- Pepperidge Farm Milanos

2- Wilton Icing Pouch

3- Confetti Sprinkles

4- Graham Crackers

I have a video below that shows you how easily these are to put together.

To start, put about 5 graham crackers in the food processor to create “sand.” Layer it in the bottom of your container.

To create the flip flops, you just take a Milano cookie, add frosting in a “v” shape and add a sprinkle confetti to the center of the “v.” The final product is a really cute embellished flip flop!

Then just layer the cookies over the sand and you have a beautiful presentation for very little effort!

I love using the Wilton pouches because there is nothing to make and no skill required in using them.  You just unscrew the lid and lightly pipe! You can pick them up at any grocery store in the cake aisle.

Feel free to comment below with any questions!

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DIY Flip Flop Cookies

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