Watermelon Flowers

Watermelon Flower Arrangement

I have been dying to do a watermelon flower arrangement ever since I started thinking about summer! Luckily, my sister was throwing my niece a watermelon second birthday, so I had the perfect reason to create one.

Y’all – and it was crazy easy!

This is probably one of my more expensive flower arrangements that I share on here. Mainly because I didn’t already have the “vase” on hand. Ha. The total cost for the whole centerpiece was around $30.

Below is a video capturing how I created this:

As you can see, I just cut the top of the watermelon off and then used the interior as you would floral foam!

I added greenery around the base of the container and then began inserting my flowers into the watermelon.  I kept adding until it was completely full. My sister had picked up a large mixed bouquet at the store (about $17) and then bought some additional spray roses to use as filler ($5).

Pro tips:

  • Choose a watermelon that will “stand up” on it’s own. This one laid perfectly flat when placed horizontally and didn’t wobble at all. This made it a great watermelon for this project.
  • I would avoid hydrangeas in the watermelon. I created this arrangement around 10 in the morning and when I went to my sister’s for the party around 5, the hydrangeas looked fine, but were beginning to wilt. (I am sure I was the only one who noticed. Ha.)  Hydrangeas need TONS of water. I thought that this would do the trick, but alas, they needed more.

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Watermelon Flower Arrangement

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