Summer Centerpiece

Summer Centerpiece

I absolutely love a bright, colorful summer centerpiece! Gah! (Can I say that about my own work? Haaa!)

My friend Leslie from The Lily Sage is hosting a Father’s Day Fiesta and asked me to help her with some flower inspiration, so I created this vibrant bouquet that she is going to use in a sombrero! I mean, how fun is that?

I have a included a shopping list below along with some alternatives in case the ones I used aren’t available!

Summer Centerpiece Shopping List:
  • Three stems of green hydrangeas
  • Three to five stems of yellow sunflowers (gerber daisies would work fine, too)
  • Five stems of orange spray roses
  • Seven stems of red ranunculus (this is hard to find year round, so red roses or carnations are a good substitute)
  • Five stems of hot pink roses
  • 10 stems of purple salvia (I had this in my flower beds, so purple stock or purple delphinium would be a good supermarket substitute)
  • This is similar to the vase I used in case you are in need of a vase

I have a video below of how I put this together:

As you can see in the video, I start with the largest flowers first and then move on to the smaller ones.

How to Create a Summer Centerpiece:
  • I always work from largest flower to smallest, so start with your three hydrangeas and place them so that the blooms rest on the lip of your container
  • Next add the sunflowers. I only had three, so I added two in the corners of my arrangement and one in the center on the opposite side.
  • The next items I added was the red ranunculus (you could add roses/carnations here). I started adding the them within the blooms of the hydrangea spaced through the arrangement.
  • Hot pink roses were then tucked in between the ranunclus
  • Then I added the orange spray roses. As you can see in the video, sometimes you have to pull off the tiny orange roses that are lower on the stem.
  • My last step was to add the purple salvia throughout. I love how it adds another texture to the arrangement!

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions and go check out the Lily Sage’s Father’s Day Fiesta here!

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Summer Centerpiece

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