Lemonade Flowers

Lemonade Flower Arrangement

I have this thing with lemons…so I decided to use the San Pellegrino Limonata can to make a Lemonade Flower Arrangement. To be honest, I totally bought the drink for the packaging, but, you guys, it’s so good! Ha! So now I have a new favorite lemonade and a darling arrangement!

To create this bouquet, I have a shopping list below with some alternative flowers in case you want to do something a little different.

Shopping List:

1- Can of San Pellegrino Limonata

2- One small bunch of Chamomile

3- One 7 stem bunch of small gerber daisies

Alternates: An all daisy bouquet would be really cute and  you could easily substitute the gerber daisies for yellow roses.

I have a video below to show you how I put this together:

So as you can see in the video, to create this you just need an empty can of San Pellegrino. (I do have a friend who says it’s great with tequila if that’s your thing! Ha!)

You then will use a can opener to remove the top.  Add some water and then you will start arranging your flowers.  I started with the chamomile and then added in the daisies and then added some additional chamomile until it turned out perfectly!

The arrangement was so cute and such a huge hit!

I think this would be perfect for a little “extra” on your kids lemonade stand or on your bedside table or your kitchen…well, just anywhere you need an extra pick-me-up.

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Lemonade Flower Arrangement

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