Floral Design Essentials

Floral Design Essentials

Something I am asked quite a bit when doing flowers are what are my floral design essentials. I thought I would share a few must-haves for your floral tool kit if you are just starting out!

1- Floral Knife or floral scissors – I love using a floral knife because it provides a clean and efficient way to cut flowers at 45 degree angle. Here’s a video that demonstrates it well. However, if you don’t feel comfortable with that, floral scissors work well and do a great job of cutting. If you get nothing else for your floral design journey, make sure you get one of these!

2- Floral Shears – These are nice to have on hand for hearty stems that your floral knife/scissors won’t cut through – like hydrangea stems, branches, etc.

Floral Foam

3- Wet Floral Foam – I love using floral foam in baskets and large arrangements (like these). It keeps your flowers hydrated, but also provides stability for the flowers. You just stick them in and they stay exactly where you want them. Here is a quick video on how to use it!

4- Wet Floral TapeWet floral tape works to keep your floral foam from moving around your container.  I do it in an “x” pattern across my vase and secure it to the sides.

Must have for roses

5- Rose stripper – If you will be cutting roses or any kind of product that has lots of leaves and/or thorns, this apparatus saves you a ton of time. You close the device along the stem of the flower and pull down and it quickly and easily removes all of the leaves and thorns without damaging your flower.

Floral Wire supplies

6- Floral Wire, Wire Cutters and Floral Tape – These are essentials for making things like boutonnieres, floral crowns or wiring any other kind of flower together. I will do a tutorial soon on how to use these products!

Ribbon Scissors

7 – Ribbon Scissors – Before I started doing flowers, I had no idea there was a difference in any type of scissors. However, if you like a nice crisp cut when you wrap a ribbon around a vase a pair of scissors dedicated only to ribbon makes a huge difference! You can get those beautiful crisp cuts without the fraying.

Floral Supply Storage

8- Lastly, if you need a place to store all of your supplies, this art box is a great thing to have on hand. It allows you to put some of your supplies on top that you use often like your scissors or knife and store some below.

As always, feel free to comment below with any questions you have and I am happy to answer!


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Floral Design Essentials

4 thoughts on “Floral Design Essentials”

  1. Super helpful! I need to put my own kit together. We won’t talk about how I’ve been known to abuse flowers trying to cut them with dull regular scissors in a pinch. 🙁

    1. Haaaa! They grow in worse conditions, so I am sure that a dull knife isn’t the worst they have been through! Ha! Xo!

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