Large Altar Arrangement

Altar Arrangement for Under $30

Recently I was volunteered for the florist position at church. Our flower budget is small, so I created this altar arrangement for under $30 and have some tips below on how to recreate your own!

Floral Supplies Needed:
  • Wet Floral Foam
  • Wet floral tape to make sure the foam stays in the container
  • 1/2 a bunch of leather leaf $2
  • 5 stems of Gladiolas – $5
  • 6 stems of roses – $6
  • 1 bunch of spray roses – $6
  • 1 bunch of white alstroemeria – $5
  • Dogwood branches – Free

My biggest flower tip for this arrangement: FORAGE.  I knew I needed more flowers for this, but was getting close to my $30 budget.  I was in my mom’s backyard and saw her dogwoods were at their peak, so I took a few branches off to incorporate into this and love how it turned out.

Below is a video of how I put this together:

Create Your Own Large arrangement

To do this yourself, here are the steps:

1- Wet the floral foam in water for about 15 minutes. Make sure it is completely soaked. Cut if if needed to get into your container. The foam should be sticking up about 2 inches higher than the lip of your vase. Use the tape to secure it to the container.

2- Cover your foam with the leather leaf. It doesn’t have to be super dense…just make sure you cover the four sides with a little and the top.

3- Start with your largest blossom first – so in this case, the gladiola. I made this into kind of a fan shape. I started with one straight up in the center and then came down the sides.

4- Next I added the dog wood branches. I added on in the center and then two to hang down on the two sides of the container.

5- As you can see in the video, I begin to fill in between the gladiolas and dogwoods with the alstroemeria, which also works to add some green into the container.

6- The roses are added throughout as a focal point and next fill in any other space with the spray roses.

Then, you have a beautiful arrangement for under $30!

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Inexpensive Altar Arrangement

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