Sprinkle Cake

How to Salvage a Cracked Cake

Soooo you know when you make a cake and you take it out of the pan and it cracks down the center? Just me?  Ha! I have a super easy to salvage a cracked cake that turns out super cute.

I have seen those adorable sprinkle cakes for years in magazines and on Instagram, but never thought to make it myself until this came out of the oven:

Cracked Cake

I had layered three layers of cake on top of each other and I think it was too heavy…and I was using a boxed cake, so who knows? But either way, I had to fix it.

Below is a video demonstrating what I did. It was super simple – start with a completely iced cake.  Then get a tub of sprinkles and place a handful on top, gently pressing them into the cake.  Then repeat the steps around the side of the cake.

Adding Sprinkles to a Cake

Use tin foil as your work surface because a LOT of sprinkles fall off the cake and you can just take the foil, fold it into a funnel and put it back into your sprinkle container so you don’t waste a lot of sprinkles!

Sprinkle Cake

I did use boxed cake and boxed icing on this, so it worked just fine. I am sure it would be great with homemade, too. I would say serve this within an hour or two of decorating or put it in the fridge. It did get a little heavy on one side on a warm day after about 5 hours, but it was great before that!

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How to Salvage a Cracked Cake

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