Photo Vase

Photo Vase

My friend Beth from Polka Dot and Picket Fences asked me to team up to create a DIY photo gift for Mother’s Day, so I knew my gift would have to be a photo vase! Beth is so creative and has created an amazing photo gift and tutorial on her blog as well, so go check it out here.

As you all know, I don’t consider myself super crafty, so if I do a project, it has to be EASY. This one was so easy and I love how the final product turned out so personal!

Photo Vase Supplies

Photo Vase Supplies:
  • A 5×5 vase. I picked this one up at Hobby Lobby, which actually happened to be a little larger than 5×5, sooooo I had to do some improvising (hence the ribbon), but this vase from Amazon would probably cut out the ribbon situation.
  • 1/4 inch ribbon if you use the vase shown above
  • Four 5×5 pictures. I got mine printed at Mpix and they always do an amazing job and print in size 5×5.  I actually cut mine down, but it would be way easier to have them printed the correct size, obviously.
  • Mod Podge
  • Craft Brush

As you can see in the video above, the process is really simple.

  1. Cover your entire vase with mod podge.
  2. If you are using the vase shown in the picture/video, you will need to take your 1/4 inch ribbon and run it along the bottom of the container since it is a little larger than 5″. (You can omit this step if you purchase something similar to this vase from Amazon.)
  3. Adhere your pictures to the container.
  4. Brush your pictures with mod podge to seal them.
  5. Boom done. Just wait for it to dry.

Note, this isn’t going to be dishwasher safe, obviously. Just rinse the inside of the container out and try to avoid getting the pictures wet even though they are sealed. They will have a little texture on them from the sealing process, but it adds to the overall look!

Photo Flower Vase

Arranging Flowers

The next step is to arrange flowers in the container. I just picked up a dozen roses and have a video below on how I added them. I basically just did four rows of three flowers in each row.

The final product is a beautiful, thoughtful flower arrangement for someone special in your life! (Or just yourself!)

Photo Vase

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How to Make a Photo Vase
How to Make a Photo Vase

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