Cross Cheese Tray

Cross Cheese Tray

My sister created this simple cross cheese tray for my niece’s first communion based on an idea she saw on Pinterest. What I love about this is that it is soooo simple that even though I didn’t do it, I know I could. Haaaa!

I absolutely love food that fits the theme of the celebration.  I feel like this cheese tray would be perfect for a baptism, first communion, christening or baby dedication! And I am sure you creative people can come up with even more!

Here’s a quick shopping list:

1- One of those pre-assembled cheese trays that you get at the grocery store with four different types of cheeses.

2- Some marinated mozzarella balls. (These are Trader Joe’s marinated mozzerella balls.)

3- Wheat Thins (or your favorite cracker)

To assemble, just place the swiss cheese down the center of your rectangular tray.  In what would be the third “row” of cheese, place the other white cheese perpendicular to make a cross shape.

For the cheddar cheese and colby, take the slices you have left from your assembled cheese tray and cut into fourths. Place the cheddar in the upper left corner and place the colby in the upper right. Fill in the bottom portion with the crackers.

The last step is to take your mozzerella balls and fill in the center of the cross!

And now you have a perfect presentation for your special occasion!

I love doing cheese trays (and everyone loves eating them!), so click here for some other cheesy (ha – pun!) inspiration!

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Cross Cheese Tray

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