DIY Spring Bouquet

Simple Tips for a DIY Bouquet

This week I helped my sister create some flowers for my niece’s first communion, so I wanted to share some simple tips for a DIY bouquet so you can create your own.

My sister picked up all the flowers and she called me while she was at Trader Joe’s. She was describing the flowers over the phone and I told her to put them all in her cart and send me a pic. Since every color has so many different shades, I find it really helpful to put them all in my cart and see if I feel like they “go.”

Here is a pic of the basket she sent me:

Trader Joe's Flowers

As you can see in this, the flowers all look great together with the exception of the purple hyacinths on the right. I had her put those back and exchange them for white.  That simple exchange made an even more cohesive flower arrangement. (I will share what we did with the pink ones later this week!)

Here is a video below of how I put this together.

Flower Shopping LIst

I get all of my flowers from the grocery store because I want all of my designs to be accessible to everyone.  These flowers came from Trader Joe’s.

1- Three Hydrangeas

2- Four stems of white hyacinth

3- Six stems of purple alstroemeria

4- Nine purple double tulips

5- Here’s a vase similar to mine.

As you can see as I go through this, I start by putting in my largest flowers first – the hydrangeas and then fill in with the next largest – the hyacinths. I follow the pattern of largest to smallest throughout the arrangement.

With hydrangeas it acts as a floral frog (or like a grid of tape you sometimes see people use).  You can just tuck the flowers in between the hydrangea blossoms to get them to stay exactly where you want them to and it turns into a beautiful arrangement!

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Simple Tips for a DIY Bouquet

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    1. Hi! I always use a knife (there are floral knives, but they are basically just paring knives), but they are really tricky to learn. Floral scissors will work fine if you aren’t comfortable with them. Just wash them off before using so there isn’t any bacteria on them! Hope you’re doing well!

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