Summer Must Haves

Summer Must Haves

With beach and pool season not being too far away, I thought I would share a few of my summer must haves! These are all products I love to use and would highly recommend!

Flattering Bathing Suits

Let’s start with bathing suits. Ugh. I know, right? Last year I came across the scalloped bathing suit at Target and I am in love with it. Several friends of mine with all different body types purchased it and it is universally flattering.

Unfortunately, it must have been crazy flattering on everyone because their selection this year is limited. However, they do carry it in navy blue in a few sizes. See it here. I would recommend getting their hipster bottoms, but SIZE UP. Oy. It’s not pretty if you don’t.  Ha!

If you love the stripe pattern on the bathing suit I have pictured, they have a very similar style here with the ruching on the tank. The top is a little different, but still think it would look great.

My next purchase for this season is this peplum one. I will keep you posted on the fit!

Summer Essentials

If you buy nothing else this summer, you HAVE to get Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. I have a video above on how I use it, but it makes such a huge difference when  you don’t have time for a self tanner (or just don’t like it). This is actually a leg makeup, so it comes off every time you shower. I would recommend letting it fully dry before you put on another outfit (or wearing white), but you’ll notice an instant difference in your legs!

One thing I am always complimented on are my sunglasses. Luckily, my brother-in-law is an eye doctor, so I get mine as hand-me-downs from my sister, but if you are looking for a flattering pair, check out these Ray Bans. Amazon has a one week of free returns if you’re not loving them or if you want to try a few pairs!

When it comes to sunscreen….especially for my kids’ faces, this BeautyCounter  Protect Stick is my hands-down favorite. It goes on awesome, doesn’t get in their eyes, goes in all kinds of random crevices and my daughter actually asks for it. My friends Mary and Aja both carry it, so check out their sites. (I am also obsssesed with their Opal Lip Gloss. LOVE it!)

Summer Beach Reads

I love to read, but rarely make enough time for it. When I am on a trip, I want something light, fun and something I can escape in. I leave the “thinking” books for home. Here are some cute fun ones, I think you’ll like:

My (Not So) Perfect Life was on my reading list when I went to Colorado in February. I read the book in one day and it is absolutely perfect for a light, beach read (or in my case, a mountain one – ha). In full disclosure, the book is somewhat predictable, but I still really enjoyed it.

The book centers around a girl moving to the big city (London) to live out her dream as a creative and follows her ups and downs (including a love story and a crazy boss) to get there. The main character is relatable, has you cheering for her success, but is intertwined with enough drama to keep you from wanting to put it down!

I have been reading Emily Giffin books forever. She is an excellent writer and has the ability to make you root for both the “villain” and “heroine” in her books. First Comes Love is no different. Emily makes you see things from everyone’s perspective.  This book was a little darker is it deals with two sisters in the aftermath of their brother’s death, but has so many storylines interwoven throughout it, you will still like the outcome. If you have never read an Emily Giffin book, though, start with this one. It is a great taste of her writing style!

I first came across Liane Moriarty after watching the series Big Little Lies. I was in the airport looking for a book and purchased the Hypnotist’s Love Story. I just loved it! This book has all the makings of a good story – a love triangle, a stalker, a mystery and a hypnotist (ha)! It keeps you interested until the end! I also loved The Husband’s Secret by the same author as well!

Let me know your favorite beach reads below! I am looking for a new one this summer!

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Summer Must-Haves

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