Altar Arrangement

Altar Flower Arrangement

Sooooo…somehow my priest at church found out I do flowers. (I’m looking at you, Iris.) So he asked me to do an altar flower arrangement for our church…for the rest of time. But how do you say “no” to Jesus? Ha!

This arrangement is only more complicated due to size, however, you will be surprised to know it was actually really inexpensive to put together – $26!

Here’s my shopping list:

  • Leather leaf to cover the green foam $4.
  • One bunch of stock $5
  • A dozen Roses – $7
  • One bunch of tulips $6
  • A bunch of Alstroemeria – $4

I picked up all of these items at Trader Joe’s, so these would be available in any area!

I have a video below of how I put this together and will tell you it’s a million times easier to put this together when you aren’t filming it. It helps to look at the front of the container!

As you can see in the video, I start with greening the wet floral foam with the leather leaf. You are basically trying to cover it and add a little bit of height.

Next, I filled in with the stock. I did one large piece in the center, then start to “fan” it out. Since this arrangement was going to be up against the altar, I only had to worry about the front.

The next step is to fill in with other flowers. I added the alstroemeria next, then filled in with roses wherever I saw a hole. The last step was to add the tulips for a little extra white in the arrangement.

I actually did these on Wednesday evening for a Mass on Thursday and was surprised that is still looked pretty good on Sunday! Obviously, the presentation the next day would be the best, but these flowers held up well in the foam!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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DIY Altar Flowers


4 thoughts on “Altar Flower Arrangement”

  1. Katie, That is absolutely gorgeous, and that is amazing that you did it for $26!!! I am so proud of you for sharing your talents with the church, and I know your sweet dad would be so proud of you, too. As Paw Paw would say, “Keep up the good work.” Love you much! Aunt Angie

    1. Paw Paw would love this! Thanks so much, Aunt Angie! I was just thinking of him the other day about how you kept replaying my voicemail and he thought I was so loyal! And him always being thankful. Such sweet memories! Miss you! Love you!

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