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Ombre Bouquet

I have had an idea in my head to do an ombre bouquet for awhile and the stars finally aligned at Trader Joe’s last week. One, I actually remembered that this is something I wanted to do. Haaaa! Two, they had everything I needed. I love it when your idea actually turns out! I was in love with this in my house all week!

To create this, I would recommend getting at least four different varieties of flowers or more. Using different flowers helps add texture and also is a way to visually show how the colors are changing.

Next, at the store, I hold up each flower bunch next to each other (and spend at least 10 minutes at the floral display looking like a crazy person – ha!) to make sure each shade gets subtly darker.

I have a video below of how I put this together, but I started with 3-4 stems of creamy spray roses (that had a hint of pink in the center), next added four stems of pale pink roses, 8 stems of ranunculus and then finished the arrangement off with four stems of gerber daisies.

I love the way this turned out and there were definitely enough flowers to do a second arrangement, which would be perfect to keep one and give one away or use them down a longer table for two pretty centerpieces!

This would also work in different colors – like yellow paired with lemons or shades of purple. I can’t wait to do more!

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ombre bouquet



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