Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

When the weather doesn’t cooperate, I am always Pinterest searching fun rainy day activities for kids that don’t involve TV. (I have included two YouTube channels that are interactive, so this isn’t screen-free, but I promise both you and your kids will love them!)

So, here are my Top 7 TV-Free Rainy Day Activities for Kids:

1- Melissa and Doug Make a Face Books: My three and five year old love these. They have so much fun making faces.  My daughter is especially a fan of this Make-A-Meal Book. I would say you can get 20-30 minutes of self-play out of this activity!

2- Eye Found It: I love playing this game with my kids. Each card in the deck has a scene from a Disney movie or show and the other side has a single image.  Every person is dealt five cards and then you turn one card in the deck over to the single image side, the first person to find the image on their card discards it, turns it over and uses it as the image to search for next. It is basically a search and find game that is fun for everyone!

3- Sequence for Kids: I actually like playing this game as much as my kids. It is basically a four in a row game with pictures of animals. This one is easier than normal sequence because the four corners are also “free” spaces. My five year old daughter is awesome at this and beats me consistently. My three year old son likes playing, too, but we still need to work on his strategy ;).

4- PlayMags: These are basically the generic version of Magnatiles, but significantly less expensive. My kids play with these really well together and separately. My daughter builds doll houses for her little figurines and my son loves to build garages. It is a great self-play toy!

5- Reusable Sticker Pads: My kids will take each page out and lay these all over the floor to play for an hour or so at a time. (Can I got a mommy “amen”?) I find the best way to clean up is to just keep the “stickers” in a plastic bag when you’re done. It is basically like a big paper doll set with scenes!

My Two Favorite Kids YouTube Channels:

6- Love, love, love, Art for Kids Hub. I have a little sample below of one that both of my kids can do. I am shocked at how it can make even me into an artist! When you’re looking for options, you can see which ones look easier than others, so start with those!
7- Now if you need to burn a little energy and calm your kids down, check out Cosmic Kids Yoga. This is a very beginner yoga that takes kids on fun adventures. Here’s a sneak peek of her Trolls exercise!

I would love to know your kids’ favorite rainy day activities! Leave a comment below!

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7 TV-Free Rainy Day Activities for Kids

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