Create Your Own DIY Spring Bouquet

Create Your Own DIY Spring Bouquet

I have a fun one for you to day – how to create your own DIY spring bouquet! My mother-in-law was having a dinner at her house and wanted a centerpiece for the table. I found myself at Whole Foods Market and was pleasantly surprised with their great selection and really good deals on flowers!

They were running a special of 2 bunches for $5. Soooo…I dug around for the ones that are more expensive and got such great prices on these blooms!

Here’s a tip – calla lilies, freesia and lisianthus are going to be more expensive wholesale than, say, carnations, alstroemeria and mums, so when you see a good sale like this, think outside the staple flowers and go for the unique ones!

Another fun tip that I picked up from my friend Lori at Giggle Living is to use veggies as filler greneery! She’s so smart! This $1 kale was less than a bunch of floral greenery ($5) and is perfect in a spring arrangement!

Spring Flower Shopping List
  • One bunch of Kale
  • One bunch purple stock (four stems – though five would have been ideal)
  • One bunch of cream spray roses
  • One bunch white lisianthus (5 stems) – but you can cut the stems apart to get even more texture
  • Five pink mini callas
  • One bunch yellow freesia

Below is how I put this together:

See other floral videos.

As you can see,I added kale throughout the container. I then added the purple stock in a square formation.  I filled in with the white spray roses and lisianthus.  The lisianthus has multiple blooms and long stems, so I cut each individual stem long to use more throughout the arrangement.  The unopened blooms look great tucked in for texture.

Lastly, I filled in with the pink calla lilies (my favorite!) and yellow freesia (so fragrant)! In the holes, I tucked in a few more kale leaves!

This whole bouquet only cost $26, but looks like a million bucks on your spring table!

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Create Your Own DIY Spring Bouquet
Create Your Own DIY Spring Bouquet

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