Easter Cheese Tray

If I am in a pinch for an appetizer, my go-to is always cheese, so I wanted to create an easy Easter Cheese Tray. What I love about this, is that there is basically no effort needed to create this.  All of the ingredients are store bought and you just throw it on a plate – literally.

To make this, I just took an egg shaped plate (I picked this one up at HomeGoods for $5), which made the base of this so much easier, and added the following:

1- Cubes of Sharp Cheddar

2- Grape Tomatoes

3- Cut Mozzarella cheese sticks

4- Sprigs of Fresh Thyme

5- Cubes of Colby Jack

Honestly, I always do everything super simple, so just bought whatever cheese was already cubed at the store. (Also, read #lazy.) You could easily make this with specialty cheeses or other vegetables. I think the secret lies within the plate. It made it super easy to make an egg shape.

This is a great dish to take to a party or for Easter brunch for a simple, but festive addition to the event! And, everyone loves a cheese tray…unless your lactose intolerant. Or Vegan. So maybe close to everyone. Haaa!

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I am currently looking for spring and summer food ideas! Hit me up below with anything that you are wanting to see – appetizers, entrees, desserts? I would love to create something perfect for your party or event!

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Easter Cheese Tray

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2 thoughts on “Easter Cheese Tray”

  1. I love the Easter Cheese Tray. I might just go over to Home Goods today to get the egg-shaped dish. I like the way your ideas are always great for the holidays and so easy to do. Thank you!! Keep up the good work.
    Love you, Aunt Angie

    1. So glad you liked this! Can’t wait to see your creation! Hope you had a great birthday! Love you!

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