Easter Cupcakes

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

At the store they have these really cute bunny feet to make simple Easter bunny cupcakes. I was ***this close*** to buying them for this tutorial, but remembered I had some heart candies on hand and if I turned them upside down they may resemble a bunny foot. Right? (Just use your imagination! Haaaa!)

I had bought Cadbury mini eggs to use as a tail…but guess what, bought the oreo cookie ones and there wasn’t a single white or pink egg in all of them.

Upside, I didn’t eat the whole bag…my husband did. Haaaaa!

I had to scrounge and find something else…and guess what? Mini marshmallows are basically the candy equivalent to a cotton ball.

I have a video below on how to make this, but seriously, even a two year old can do this. It takes absolutely no skill (and apparently you don’t need to wash your hair for this either. Lol!)

So as you can see, I just took a store bought cupcake and put it in a pink liner. (Any festive liner would work, of course.) Then I just put the two upside down pink hearts into the frosting and added a marshmallow as a bunny tail. Super simple and would be a fun little craft/baking project for kids! I especially love that there’s basically no mess and it’s so fast to put together – obviously in less then 30 seconds!

Feel free to comment below with any questions you have!

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Easter Flower Basket

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