Kid-Friendly Easter Dessert

Kid-Friendly Easter Dessert

My kids love to “help” in the kitchen, so I had to come up with a kid-friendly Easter dessert that was easy enough for them to make! I have seen jelly dirt cups on Pinterest for awhile, so decided to give it my own little twist (i.e. make it even easier). Ha!

I have the ingredients pictured below. I am a big proponent on using what you have on hand and I already had the Oreo cereal at home, so used that instead of Oreos. (Lol – note, that is my husband’s cereal. Not my kids! Haaaa!)

Kid-Friendly Easter Dessert Ingredients

Easter Pudding CuPs Ingredients:

1- Jello Chocolate pudding cups

2- Oreos or Oreo cookie cereal or any kind of chocolate cookies you have on hand. (Or is that just me?)

3- Edible grass. (I got this at Walmart and also used it in this recipe.)

4- Foil chocolate carrots

5- Chocolate eggs or jelly beans. I used Cadburry because #addicted.

I have a video below of how I put these together. Super simple and each cup took under a minute to do!

How to Make Easter Pudding Cups

So as you can see in the video, you just pop off the top and throw some crushed Oreos (or Oreo cereal) on top to resemble soil.  Next, I just cut little pieces of edible grass and inserted them into the pudding. Then put in my carrot and eggs! As a note, they do sell Wilton sugar carrots in the Easter section at Target. I had already bought these and the proportion was a little off, but if you don’t want to peel the wrapper off the chocolate, it might be a good alternative for you!

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Kid-Friendly Easter Dessert

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2 thoughts on “Kid-Friendly Easter Dessert”

  1. So cute and easy! Yes, I think I would use different carrots because I would not want to peel off the foil after it has chocolate pudding on it – but the children probably wouldn’t care!

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