How to Start a Cookbook Club

How to Start a Cookbook Club

For the past few years I have been part of a super fun girls food group, so I wanted to share how to start a cookbook club in case you might be interested! Every time we get together it’s like Thanksgiving (only without family drama- just good food)!

Our group is a mixture of all different people – not necessarily foodies (I don’t even eat beef!) and we weren’t all friends before we started the group, which makes it even more fun. So I thought I would share how ours is structured for anyone looking to create their own.

Getting A cookbook Club Started
  1. Recruit a few girlfriends (or guys if you want to do couples/guy friends) who are interested in the concept. Our group has about 14 members, but we average about 1/2 attending.
  2. Choose a cookbook. I have details on some we have used below and the pros/cons of those.
  3. Everyone purchases the cookbook and we use the same one for a full year, so by the time the year is over, you have sampled a good portion of all of the recipes in the book.
  4. Pick a date to host your parties and set your hostesses for the year. We set our calendar at the beginning of the book (i.e. we host ours every other month on the 3rd Monday). We are, of course, flexible if the host needs to change or someone switches. As a note, we did have these on a different day of the week initially, but moved it to Monday evenings since many of us are working moms and it allowed us to do some prep for the dish over the weekend.
  5. About 2-3 weeks before the cookbook club, the hostess sends out an email with the dish she will be providing and a recap of all of the other dishes that have already been served at previous cookbook clubs. Those attending will reply to all what they are bringing so two people don’t make the same dish. Also, we know life gets in the way, so sometimes our friends don’t bring a dish and just a bottle of wine. (And we have some who never bring a dish but only bring wine – haaa! We love those friends, right?)
  6. At the cookbook club, we all drink, eat and be merry and at the end of the night bust out our cookbooks and make notes on any substitutions/tips the person who made that dish had. Our cookbook club is super informal. I think I even wore athleisure to my last one. Ha. Your group can set the tone for how formal you want it to be!
  7. You can play with themes – like breakfast for dinner, brunch, appetizers only, etc.

It really is so, so fun! I am a decently picky eater and I am amazed at how many new foods this has opened my eyes to!

Chrissy Tiegen cookbook

Cookbook Recommendations

Our current cookbook club book is Chrissy Tiegen’s Cravings. I seriously cannot recommend this cookbook enough. Everything is DELICIOUS and surprisingly easy. I didn’t have very high expectations for this, but was blow away. I have zero idea how Chrissy Tiegen is so skinny, but the girl can cook.

The cookbook we did prior to this was Jessica Seinfeld’s Can’t Cook Book. If I’m being honest, this book was barely memorable. Ha. I don’t think I’ve opened it again since.

When I first joined the group, we used the Real Simple Easy, Delicious Home Cooking  book. This is one of my all-time favorite cookbooks. I loved it! I still use recipes in them and the title says it all. I love that this book is sorted by season and has so many easy semi-homemade options. This one is just great to have around!

Prior to me joining the group, they used the Pioneer Woman’s original cookbook. The verdict was, while delicious, the food is just too labor intensive for a day after work.

My favorite cookbooks that I personally love are: Skinnytaste’s Fast and Slow and Sheet Pan Suppers. I love both because they are super easy to throw together and ready in no time.

I would LOVE to hear your favorite cookbook, so leave yours in the comments! Feel free to let me know any questions you have!

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How to Start a Cookbook Club

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