Edible Easter Nests

Edible Easter Nest recipe

My kids were super excited to try this Edible Easter Nest recipe when I was trying out dessert ideas for the holiday.  I mean, it’s a little abstract, but that’s what makes it perfect for kids, right? I also love that they can get involved in creating these. My kids love to create in the kitchen, so I am always looking for something that they can be involved in that isn’t too crazy messy.

Edible Easter Nests Ingredients

When I was walking through Walmart, I saw these angel food dessert cups and knew they would be perfect to create a nest!

Edible Easter Nest Shopping List:
  • Angel Food Dessert Cups
  • Cadburry Mini Eggs (or really any chocolate egg)
  • Edible Grass – I picked these up in the Easter section at Walmart as well
  • Whipped Cream
  • Chocolate Bunnies

To create these, check out the video below:

To make the nest:

1- Start out with the angel food cake dessert cups and fill in with whipped cream

2- Wrap the edible grass around the dessert cup. This will turn out more abstract than perfect. I just went with it. Just take each strand of grass individually and add them one at a time. Hey, real bird’s nests are crazy, so we are just mimicking nature here.

3- Add your chocolate bunny and eggs!

So it is obviously crazy simple and easy enough for kids, though they may need a little help with the actual nest.

As always, feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!

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Kid-Friendly Easter Nests

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