Two Ways to Create a Rainbow Centerpiece

With the St. Patrick’s Day holiday upon us, I wanted to share two ways to create a rainbow centerpiece! Aren’t you lucky? (Pun totally intended.)

The first way to create a centerpiece is perfect for all skill levels and very simple.

Simple Rainbow Centerpiece

You just take several varying sizes of vases and group like flowers together. I have a video below to show how easy it is.  For reference, I used:

  • 20 stems of red tulips
  • 6-7 stems of orange gerber daisies
  • 12 yellow roses
  • 3 stems of green hydrangeas
  • 10 stems of purple stock

The total for this was around $30.

The second way to create a rainbow centerpiece is to group the flowers together by color in one vase.

Rainbow Centerpiece

This way may take a little more playing with to get it right as you can see in the video below.

For this arrangement, you do need fewer flowers, so that is a plus, but did take a little more time. I started with the tulips and I had them rest over the edge of the vase a little because I knew the purple stock would do the same.

I then layered in my gerber daisies and as you can see in the video, I struggled with the roses a bit! I finally figured out that they worked best nestled in the hydrangeas to stay upright. Lastly, I added the purple stock.

This arrangement was even more beautiful in person! I loved having it out around my house!

Another tip is that it’s totally okay to mix and match! If the store doesn’t have red tulips, red roses will work. Then substitute the yellow roses for another yellow flower (like alstroemeria), no problem! I just love the look of all the different textures.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Two Ways to Create a Rainbow Centerpiece”

  1. Hi, Katie,
    St. Patrick’s Day is not a holiday for which I decorate, but I really do love the arrangement with all the colorful flowers!
    Love you, Aunt Angie

    1. It is a hard one to decorate for with it being around Easter, but these colors were soooo pretty in my house! Love you!

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