Dr. BRandt Review
You all know my love for trying new products and was excited to do a Dr. Brandt review.  I received this box from Influenster and wanted to share my hits and misses.
My first item to try was the Luminizer Primer. I loved that it gave a little glow to my face and lived up to the illuminating claim. It was really light and didn’t clog my pores. When I run out of my current primer, I would get this one for a more permanent one.
I also liked the night mask (went on light, but hydrating), microdermabrasion cleanser (sloughed odd dead skin without being too harsh) and Magnetight mask (this one you removed with a magnet and it was crazy satisfying – ha – and left my skin really soft).
As for misses, I thought the Vitamin C Serum was fine, but for the price, I’d stay with my Timeless brand. They also sent an ingestible probiotic. Honestly, it tasted fine (like goji berries) and if you’re a supplement person, I’m sure it’s great. I’m not, so I just couldn’t get past ingesting something for my skin. Have you heard of pro-biotics for your skin? Should I give this a second chance?
I didn’t give the Needles No More a chance.  I have been really happy with my Arcona LA Advanced A Serum. This has been my favorite beauty product this past year. It has helped reduce my fine lines and leaves my skin looking great. I will definitely try the Needles No More when I run out of this to see if it compares and come back and update this post.
Have you ever heard of Dr. Brandt? If so, what have been your favorites?
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