How to Meal Plan

How To Meal Plan

It wasn’t until I had kids I learned how to meal plan. It was mostly born of necessity, but it totally helps with overbuying food and then not knowing what to make. I used to aimlessly wander the store, buy whatever, then still not have anything for a meal.

Here are my tips:

1- I usually plan my meals on Saturday for the following week.I use Pinterest as my main source for recipes.  I have a Dinner Board that I use  to pin all of my favorite dinners to. Some of my  favorites are Cafe Rio Chicken, Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup, Lazy Girls Lasagna, and Creamy Chicken and Rice Casserole.

2- I write down my menu by week. I use this one from Paper Doll Designs.

3- As I write down my menu, I add the ingredients needed to my Walmart Grocery app and schedule my pickup. (You can use this link to signup for Walmart’s pickup and get $10 off.) Usually you can’t do same day pickup, so I always do this a day or so in advance. This is the biggest game changer in shopping.

4- Throughout the week, I add items that I run out of to my Walmart Grocery app. I hate that feeling of forgetting something, so this eliminates that. I order my toiletries through the app as well.

5- The minimum purchase is only $35, so sometimes I use it just to pick up random things.

The only downside of the app is that I can’t get a rotisserie chicken. I have even been okay with all of the produce they purchase for me.

Let me know if you have any questions! I am happy to answer them AND I am always looking for a new recipes, so leave your favorite below!

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How to Meal Plan

4 thoughts on “How to Meal Plan”

  1. The rotisserie chicken thing made me laugh because I know you are a fan. I am not a fan of chicken on the bone and I have tried your trick of using them and just can’t stand taking all of the meat off.

    1. I do have one thing you will love – at Costco and Sam’s they sell pre-shredded rotisserie chicken so you never have to see a bone. They sell them in the meat section in a air-tight bag (which admittedly looks disgusting – ha!), but is a huge time saver! I think it’s like $12 for 2 pounds! You have to try it!

  2. Great tips, Katie. Although I am very organized in some areas, I have never been organized (or motivated) enough to Meal Plan for a week! I admire you for this, and I know it helps you manage your busy schedule. I do the online shopping with WalMart , and I absolutely love it !!!!!! I have always been very pleased with the produce they select for me, and one cannot beat the convenience. As your sweet Paw Paw would say, “Keep up the good work!”
    Love you, Aunt Angie

    1. You’re so hip, Aunt Angie! I bet that is so nice for you with all of the care taking you are doing! I wouldn’t say I was super organized (at all!), but knowing what we are going to eat does help with scrambling with two hungry kids at the last minute! Haaaa! Love you!

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