Number 1 Flower Tip

My Number One Floral Design Tip

I get asked a lot about buying flowers from the grocery store, but wanted to share my number one floral design tip with you today! It’s actually, in my opinion, the key to a perfect arrangement.

Now take some deep breaths. This is a hard one to get over. But the biggest tip for a beautiful arrangement is to….cut your flowers shorter than you’re probably comfortable with. Ha!

Normally when I am helping someone with flowers, I have to tell them to go shorter. I used to have anxiety about it myself. There’s no going back…ahhh! But I have a video below that will teach you how to measure the length before you make the snip!

So I like to do my flowers tight in containers. I basically measure the length of the stem (not including the bloom) to the top of the container and then cut.

You can see in this video, even sometimes I don’t get the length exactly right. I will go back in and cut it shorter. I do this a lot, so you’ll see me make adjustments in almost every video – ha!

Once I get the length right, I lay the blooms around the edge of the container until it goes all the way around, then layer blooms on top of those until the container is filled.

I used a dozen cream roses for this bouquet and picked up this simple container from Hobby Lobby. Isn’t it crazy what a difference the container can make? I am in love with this one!

Other quick tips: I use warm water to encourage the flower to intake more water AND cut at a 45 degree angle.

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Number 1 Floral Design Tip

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    1. Yes! For sure! I would just wipe them off with warm water and soap before using so no bacteria gets into the stem. The knife is something that is second nature to me now, but when I was starting out, I was more comfortable with scissors.

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