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Create Your own DIY Red Hot Valentine Flower Arrangement

When I think Valentine’s candy I think conversation hearts (obviously) and red hots, so I was inspired to make this Red Hot Valentine flower arrangement. (I have been sneaking a few out of this arrangement ever since I made it! Haaaa!)

I teamed up with Reasor’s on this post and got all of the supplies there (minus the vases). They have a great selection of flowers. They always have something unique and my absolute favorite – mini calla lilies which are hard to find in a typical grocery store. Though I didn’t use them here. Ha!

The total for this arrangement came to $15, so this was a great deal for how cute and festive it is!

I have a video below of how I created the arrangement, but I need written instructions (I always read them – haaa), so here is how to put this together.

I started with two vases, one larger empty vase and one smaller vase full of water. Place the vase of water into the larger vase then fill the larger vase with red hots.  As you can see in the video, I just started putting the flowers together in my hand, layering roses, alstroemeria and greenery until it was in a circular shape, then cut them short and put them in the vase!

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XOXO! Katie

2 thoughts on “Red Hot Flower Arrangement”

  1. That is so beautiful and festive. It looks a lot easier to arrange the flowers in your hand rather than using the foam block. Great job!!

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