Easy Heart Cake

Diy Heart Cake

My friend Andressa with Twinkle Twinkle Little Party inspired me on this DIY Heart Cake. She posted this super simple conversation heart cake (and adorable party) and I thought…hmmmm… I think I could do that!

Here’s my own little twist on with chocolate chips because, well, chocolate chips!

I have a video below of how I created this, but this requires absolutely no cake decorating skills. (Have I mentioned I am a cake decorating school drop out? For real. I was awful.)

How to Create the Design

I basically took a home baked cake (I used a box mix and made a homemade cream cheese icing) then took a cookie cutter and used it as a template for my chocolate chips.¬† I slightly pushed the cutter into the cake, then just poured chocolate chips in. I pushed the chocolate chips into the frosting just a little and then removed the cookie cutter. I used mini chocolate chips for this because that’s what I had on hand, but think regular would work great too.

The chocolate chips spilled out the side a little bit, but I liked the look of the imperfect heart. If you want the heart to look more crisp or perfect, I would push down harder along the edges of the chocolate chips and I think  it would work great!

DIY Heart Cake

One other thing I love about this is that it has so many applications – you could use any themed cookie cutter and any kind of candy to create your own design!

Let me know if you have any questions! Check out my other ideas for party food here!

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One thought on “DIY Heart Cake”

  1. So cute and easy. I like the idea of using other cookie cutters as a templates for decorating a simple home-made or store-bought cake for other occasions.

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