Conversation Heart Centerpiece

DIY Conversation Heart Centerpiece

I wanted to do a flower arrangement that epitomized Valentine’s Day, so what could be better than a DIY Conversation Heart Centerpiece? Right?

I picked up the flowers and conversation hearts from Reasor’s. I get all of my flowers from the grocery store and all of my supplies from craft stores because I want everything to be accessible to you all.

Here is my shopping list:

  • Two large bags of conversation hearts ($2.69 x 2)
  • A bunch of white lilies ($6.88)
  • A bunch of pink spray roses ($6.88)
  • A bunch of yellow tulips ($6.88)
  • A bunch of purple alstroemeria ($6.88)

I have a video below of how I put the arrangement together, but for those of you who like written instructions (like me!) here are my steps:

Put a smaller vase of water inside your larger vase. Fill the outer vase with the conversation heart candies.

For the arrangement, I started with the lilies. I put the two in the back corners and one in the front center.  I then added alstroemeria. I had probably three pieces leftover that I saved for the end. I filled in between the alstromeria with the pink spray roses, then added the yellow tulips throughout.  In any spaces that needed a little more flowers, I filled in with the leftover purple alstroemeria.

 I love how springy this turned out and it goes so well with the conversation hearts!
You can find more of my  flower ideas here and video tutorials here!
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XOXO! Katie

6 thoughts on “Conversation Heart Flower Arrangement”

  1. So pretty! It’s hard for me to look at conversation hearts. As a kid I once ate an entire bag in one setting it made me sick.

    1. Lol! Haaaa! I have one later this week you’ll like better then. Good to know to never give you any! Haaaa!

  2. I love this flower arrangement. Your color selection for the flowers is perfect for the conversation hearts. Great job!

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