Valentine's Day Cheese Tray

Valentine’s Cheese Tray

So I had an idea for a Valentine’s cheese tray that was even easier than this, but Target didn’t sell pre-cut cheese chunks. And, ain’t nobody got time to cut them themselves. Am I right? So I improvised and went to plan B – buying cheese slices and using my heart cookie cutter to make this into a heart shape!

This was super easy until I got to the top of the heart and then had to use some “artistry.” Let’s start with the bottom, though!

I just used my first heart cut-out and placed it on the bottom to make a “point.” Then layered two on top, then three, then four, etc…to build the base of the heart.  When I got to the 9th layer, I started turning the heart shapes inward to make the rounded shape.  You can see in the image that I start to rotate the hearts almost up and down once I get to the very top of the heart.

I used three packages of Saragento thin sliced cheese for this. I used swiss, sharp cheddar, and colby jack but really any of your favorites would work. I just tried to make it pretty kid friendly.

On some of the slices I was able to get two “hearts” and on others, I was only able to get one.  I served the scraps to my kids. Ha!

The tray looked a little lonely with just the heart, I raided my fridge and pantry to add a some pairings that (I think!) work well with cheese – fruit, crackers and dark chocolate. We didn’t eat the roses ;).

Let me know if you have any questions! Check out my other ideas for party food here!

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