DIY Valentines Flowers

How to Make a Valentine’s Flower Box

When I used to do flowers, one of my favorite things to do were Valentine’s Flowers in a box. First, you can do the whole arrangement in about 5 minutes, so you can do several very quickly. And, second, they are so cute!

Items needed:

  • Heart container
  • Plastic heart insert from the dollar store (or line with foil)
  • A dozen pink roses
  • A hydrangea (or a second dozen roses)

To make this arrangement, I picked up a heart shaped cardboard container from Walmart in their Valentine’s section. I also picked up a plastic heart container that fit perfectly into this one at the dollar store. This kept the cardboard from getting wet with floral foam.

I cut the wet floral foam to fill up the heart container and then added a dozen pink roses around the outside of the heart. I just cut the stems about an inch or so long and inserted it into the wet foam.

I ran out of pink roses (eek!), so I just took one hydrangea stem that I had on hand and took the individual stems off of it and inserted it into the foam. The roses lasted about a week in this container and the hydrangeas about 3-4 days.  I never rewet the foam, so that would have helped them last longer. Also, if you wanted an all rose arrangement, that would be pretty too and another dozen would have been plenty.

There’s a video below with a visual and instructions on how I put this together. As always, feel free to comment or email me with questions!

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