Wine and Roses

Wine and Roses Flower Arrangement

I love wine and I love roses, so what could be prettier than a wine and roses flower arrangement? (Well, maybe the champagne flowers we also did for this party? Ha!)

A few weeks ago my neighbor asked me to help her with some flowers for her brother’s wedding shower. The theme was wine and she had a whole collection of corks that she had saved over the year. We decided to take two vases, one larger and one smaller, and placing the smaller vase (with water inside it) inside of the larger vase. We had enough room around the vase to place the corks in the larger vase to make it look like a wine cork vase.

The inner vase we filled with greenery (I had to forage in my yard for some! Don’t be afraid to take branches and greens from your trees and bushes.) and then filled in with spray roses. I loved this color combination of pinks, reds and whites with the winter greens.

Wine Cork Vase

I love how the whole look of the arrangement changes by just using different sized vases, but the flowers stay the same!

These flowers were all purchased at Trader Joe’s and we took several different packets and put them together to make these!

What is the most unique thing you have ever done with wine corks?

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