Little Man Baby Shower

Little Man Baby Shower

This past weekend my sister threw a friend a little man baby shower. The invitation (below) had bow ties and glasses, so we wanted to carry the theme through to the flowers.

Little Man Invitation

Her total floral cost on this was $55 and she got all of the flowers at Trader Joe’s.

To mimic the colors on the invites we used white, green and very pale yellow. I love how it turned out!

I have a video below of how I created the main arrangement and followed the same concept with the others.

What’s fun about this is, we did five different arrangements and though they each have different flowers, they all have a cohesive look because of the color scheme.

Little Man Baby Shower Flowers

Here’s what we used:

  • Each Arrangement contains at least 3 hydrangeas.
  • They all contain white mums, some are fuller than others, but they all have a variety of mums
  • The two larger arrangements each have five pale yellow tulips and stems of pale yellow stock

Some of the flowers were bought individually and some where bought as bouquets that we took apart and mixed and matched with other flowers.

Bow Tie Flower Arrangement

The bow tie and glasses embellishments were created by Neu Creations.

To create the bowties, we used them plain (like above) or added some scrapbook paper to them.  We just adhered them to the container with packing tape. Ha!

For the glasses, we just used glue dots to adhere them to bamboo skewers and inserted them into the container.

I love this light color combination for a baby shower and think it turned out great!

As always, let me know if you have any questions!

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