Bedroom Before

Bedroom Before

Don’t you just love a great (bedroom) before and after? I am by no means an interior designer.  Like at all.  But I have been wanting to do a little refresh in my bedroom and was going to show you how a super inexpensive and easy fix made my room look so much more modern!

The artwork above my bed before was lovingly homemade by my mom and me when we moved into our house 8 years ago.  Sooooo it was about time we got something new. And also, I could barely live with the pic that had fallen behind my bed that is now unreachable for another day. My daughter has now gotten too big to climb under the bed and retrieve it, which is what we were doing every time it fell the previous year. Haaaa!

Bedroom After
Bedroom After
Bedroom After

My sister had these cute frames from Target, so I totally copied her and asked my inlaws for them for Christmas.  I used pictures from our last photo session and had them printed in black and white. I love how it looks and the whole project was under $200.  Oh, and the frames were already matted!

I purchased the 11×14 frames and the photo inside is 8×10.  They are a good scale for my ceilings, which are 10 foot.

11x14 Brush Gold Frames
11×14 Brushed Gold Frames

Also, please appreciate the #reallife made bed in this pic that is pretty much still wrinkled. Oops! Ha! I actually never make my bed, so this a rare occurrence. Do you make yours?

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