How to Make a Spring Flower Arrangement

How to Make a Spring Flower Arrangement

Since Christmas is over, it’s officially spring flower arrangement time, right? I was at Trader Joe’s the other day and was drawn to the purple tulips. Then I saw these fuzzy orange gerber daisies (official name: spider gerbera daisies, but fuzzy seems better than spiders 🕷), so thought I would do something officially colorful! I love the bright color combination of pink, orange, yellow and purple.

Spring Flower Arrangement Shopping List
  • A dozen pink roses ($8)
  • 10 stems of purple tulips ($5)
  • 5 Orange Gerber Daisies ($2.50)
  • 5 Yellow Gerber Daisies ($2.50)
  • A small bunch of Seeded Eucalyptus ($2.50)
How to create a spring flower arrangement

I have a video of how I put this together below, but I love using a rectangle or square vase for flowers. It is easy to lay them against the edges and start to build the arrangement. For me it’s helpful to start with one flower and space it around the vase and then start to fill in with other flowers. I usually leave a few of each to fill in with at the end for balance.

Also, here’s weird/fun fact – tulips are one of the only flowers to still grow after cutting. So today these tulips are about an inch taller than the other flowers in the arrangement. 🌷 Who knew? (If you want to get even nerdier 🤓: they are also phototropic so they bend towards the light – crazy.) .

My friend Partyhat Paper Co. has the cutest cups that she posted on Instagram today that match these perfectly if you are looking for a full party theme!

Feel free to leave a comment with any questions you have!

You can find my other flower ideas here or see a whole archive of projects on my Instagram or check out my Facebook page for other fun ideas!

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