Trader Joe's Five Cheese Greek Spiral

Trader Joe’s Five Cheese Greek Spiral

In my freezer I always keep a Trader Joe’s Five Cheese Greek Spiral. These things are soooo good and are great to have on hand for a last-minute appetizer.  You just need about thirty minutes to cook it.

The spiral is full of cheesy goodness (nutty, sharp cheeses) and wrapped in a phyllo crust! The inside is the consistency of friend cheese, but the outside is so much lighter with the phyllo crust.

For New Years, I brought this to over to my inlaws because I didn’t have the energy to make anything else, because, well…kids. I did, however, dress it up.  I added a little bowl of mozzarella peanuts, some of My Stir Crazy Kitchen’s spicy jelly (the spice went great with the cheese) and then garnished with some cranberries that I needed to get out of the kitchen!

Since cranberries aren’t really a year-round item, so red grapes would be pretty too. (And would taste better – ha!) It is crazy what a difference a little color on an appetizer tray makes.

This would also be good with a side of honey, some marinara sauce or a sweet jelly on the side too!

Here’s another little tip – I had been to the store earlier and a head of one of my gerber daisies fell off, so thought that would be pretty as a little extra something on the plate!  So, when you get flowers and one loses it’s head (ha!), don’t throw it away (they also look pretty floating in a little glass bowl of water).

For my TJ’s fans, have you tried this? So good, right? Do you all have any other staples you keep on hand to throw together an appetizer at the very.last.minute? (#procrastinatorsunite)

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