Christmas Gift Flowers

Christmas Present Flowers

When I was thinking about flowers for Christmas, the obvious hit me – a gift box of flowers! These are super easy to do and great for a beginner.

You just need:

1- A gift box. I picked this one up at Target.

2- Wet Floral Foam (You need to make sure the foam you buy says “wet” then soak it in a sink full of water for about 20 minutes prior to using.) and something to put the floral foam in so it doesn’t get the box wet. I used a plastic food container from the dollar store.

3- A dozen to 16 roses. I used 16 here, but probably could have gotten away with 12.

Below is a video of how I put it together, but you just need to line the container with foil (in case the wet foam touches the side), drop the plastic food container with floral foam into the container. You will want the foam cut about 2 inches below the lip of the container since you want the flowers to be almost flush with the top.

Once you have the container in, just cut the stems to about one inch or so and insert into the wet foam in a straight line until the container is full! It is crazy easy and the end result is so pretty! If you do give with the lid on, make sure no petals are sticking out and that you don’t push down the lid too hard to crush your flowers. I left mine slightly raised when I gave this to my neighbor!

Feel free to leave a comment with any questions you have!

You can find my other flower ideas here or see a whole archive of projects on my Instagram!


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