Santa Flower Arrangement

Santa Flower Arrangement DIY

My mom did this pinterest project with my kids and it gave me an idea – “hmmm…I bet a Santa Flower Arrangement would be super cute!” So I set off on a quest to create something inspired by this project.

This is probably my easiest flower arrangement to date and literally takes less than two minutes to put together. So it is definitely a skill level zero and one to start with if you want to try an arrangement but are intimidated by it. (Don’t be! It is seriously so fun!)

Santa Flower arrangement Supplies:
  • A cylindrical vase
  • A piece of red glitter scrapbook paper (I precut mine so that the top of the paper would be flush with the top of the vase)
  • A rubber band or hair tie
  • Black velvet ribbon and a buckle from the craft store
  • Three white hydrangeas
  • A Santa hat pick (or small Santa hat). I picked this one up at Michael’s for about $1.50.

The full instructions are in the video below. (Seriously, why are these thumbnails of me so bad????)

But all you need to do is:

  • Take the scrapbook paper and wrap it around the vase. Secure it with a rubber band.
  • Cover the rubber band with the ribbon and “buckle.” Hot glue will probably work best, but I used some kind of gorilla glue.
  • Cut three hydrangeas for the vase and then stick in your Santa pick!
  • Now you have an adorable Santa Flower Arrangement!

I mean, it looks like Santa’s beard with a Santa hat on top, right?

I love creating new things and being inspired by others, so hit me up with your ideas! And, as always, let me know if you have any questions in the comments!!

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Santa Centerpiece
Santa Centerpiece

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