Candy Cane Vase Flower Arrangement

Candy Cane Flower Arrangement

I saw a cute idea on Pinterest for a candy cane vase flower arrangement. It is super easy to do, so I created a video tutorial for you below on how to DIY your own holiday centerpiece! Even if you don’t love candy canes, this one is sure to be the star of your show!

Here is all you need:

  • A cylindrical vase (mine is a 6″)
  • Five 12-count boxes of candy canes…you will need less if your vase is smaller…obviously 😉
  • Christmas greens
  • 20 Roses
  • A large rubber band. Mine was just one from the post office when they package my mail  up for me. Ha – call me resourceful.
  • Ribbon to cover said rubber band

All you do is put the rubber band around the vase and then add candy canes under the rubber band, then fill the vase with roses and greenery!

Also, I die every time I see the thumbnail that YouTube chooses for my videos. They are always super flattering. (That was written with my sarcasm font. Haaaa!)

I love creating new things and being inspired by others, so hit me up with your ideas! And, as always, let me know if you have any questions in the comments!!

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