I had an idea in my head to make a Christmas cheese tray with the leaf cut out from my Halloween cookie cutter set. (I love dual purpose items!)  And I had to add “ornaments” to it! It was so funny…people didn’t want to eat it because they thought it was too pretty. And, you guys, it took seriously no skill at all. You just use a leaf cookie cutter and pre-sliced cheese!

To make the board, here’s all you need: Havarti slices, sharp cheddar and  Colby Jack.

Next, cut them with a leaf cutter and then arrange them into the shape of the tree. Start with 6 slices on the bottom then move to one at the top and topping with a star (also made from a cookie cutter)!

I “decorated” the tree with pomegranate seeds. I always get mine at Trader Joe’s because they are already seeded for you.  (Have you ever tried to get pomegranate seeds yourself? No wonder that juice is so dang expensive! Haaa!)

I think this Christmas cheese tray turned out super cute and was a huge hit at dinner!

If you love this, check out my cranberry flower arrangement, that would be a beautiful centerpiece at any holiday get-together!

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